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Who We Are

Our goal at USATourist is to provide information about travel within the United States that results in a fabulous vacation for you, whether your passion be whitewater kayaking, RVing, visiting museums, fine dining, or all of the above! We focus on destinations, both on and off the beaten track, and give you insider tips on adventures, sights, and the festivals and food that make every individual state in the USA so unique.

How This Site is Organized

Although this site is basically a blog we have organized all of our content into three main categories: Destinations, Adventures and Culture.

Destinations describe a travel destination much like a typical travel guide. Destinations include U.S. states, cities, national or state parks, theme parks and beaches.

Adventures are more about experiences, describing what is was like to see and do something at one or more destinations. Adventures include things like hiking, road trips, scenic drives and RVing/Camping.

Culture is where we put all the other content that did not fit into one of the previous categories like U.S. holidays, travel tips, U.S. sports, etc.

All of these articles can be key word or phrase searched or filtered by various topics and U.S. states. However, if you are looking at destination articles and filter on a particular state only the destination articles for that state will show up and not any adventure or culture articles. This is something we have on our list to fix in future revisions of this site.

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