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Michelle Leco

MICHELLE LECO is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Theater Arts and Business. She taught herself HTML coding, web site development and Internet marketing. She enjoys hiking, backpacking and adventuring in the wilder parts of the USA. Michelle writes the HTML code, creates most of the layout and graphics and takes care of the many administrative functions.

Mike Leco

MIKE LECO is a successful entrepreneur who founded a business-consulting firm in 1982. Since then, M. Leco & Associates Inc. has employed over 100 associates and has provided revenue enhancement services to hundreds of hospitals across the USA. He is a long-time web surfer, a computer fanatic and an amateur photographer.

Long ago, Mike spent several years in Europe and married a young lady from Luxembourg. He has served as a volunteer host for Microsoft Network's Friends of Europe Forum and for Expedia's Travel Forums. He traveled extensively throughout the USA. He now lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Anny.

GERRY LECO has a Computer Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Gerry loves to travel and has been all over the eastern U.S. as well as parts of Canada, central America and Europe. Over the years he has written articles for as well as assisted with many of the technical aspects.

Anabel Elliott

ANABEL L. ELLIOTT My name is Anabel Elliott and I am delighted to be part of the USATourist Team and provide Spanish translations for the site. I was born in Argentina and currently live near Seattle, Washington with my husband and children. I am a certified Spanish- English translator and interpreter. For the past ten years I´ve had the privilege of making the content of the USATourist website available to our large Spanish speaking audience. I love traveling with my family and discovering new wonderful places to visit in the Northwest and around the United States.

Carole DuChesne

CAROLE CESARI-DUCHESNE Bonjour, my name is Carole Cesari-DuChesne. I was born and grew up on the French Riviera until I decided to come and study in the US. I had fallen in love with America way back in my youth and had intended to come for longer than just a vacation. I passed my TOEFL test before my DEUG in LEA from the Faculty of Nice and decided to attend a two year program in International Business/ Retail Marketing in Seattle. After living in the Pacific Northwest for a while I fell in love with it. I met my wonderful husband while studying. I extended my stay in the US for another year by getting an internship program with Nintendo of America after which I went back home and got married.

When we returned to the US 6 months later, I became an assistant coordinator for a French cosmetic company in the North Puget Sound area. After my daughter was born, I decided to get back into translation work. I received my certification and taught French in a middle school which I deeply enjoyed. I have been involved with my husband's business and am now the mother of a little boy. My family and I frequently go back home to Southern France as well as visiting Paris and the Atlantic coast where some of my relatives and childhood friends reside.

Irmgard Castleberry

IRMGARD CASTLEBERRY was born and educated in Germany. Irmgard worked in England for several years where she studied the language. During many years as an office worker in Germany and the US she was able to use her dual language skills. She came to the US in the early 1960's onboard the ocean liner "United States" to work here for just one year and see the USA. Irmgard met her future husband in New York City and decided to stay. Their first travel adventure together was a 9,000 mile road trip through the US and Mexico.

In 1981 she pioneered the European concept of Bed and Breakfast in the Northwest by starting a B&B Reservation Service. The agency was sold in 1996. Today Irmgard is still in the hospitality business as a hostess for tourists from many countries. Her hobbies include travel, creative writing and e-commerce on Ebay. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Ben.


YOKO SUGIYAMA My name is Yoko Sugiyama. I was born and grew up in Japan. I went to Australia for the first time as a Working Holiday for one year, and then went back to Japan. A few years later, I went back to Australia for the second time to study Business Management. I started working as an Administrative/Marketing specialist at an International company in Sydney, Australia. I met my wonderful husband while studying and working there, and after three and half years in Australia, we moved to the U.S. We both love traveling. We have traveled all over Australia as well as parts of the U.S., Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and Europe. We now live in Seattle and frequently go back home to Japan. I am excited to be part of the USATourist Team as a Japanese translator and introduce the wonderful U.S. travel information.

Diane Goldberg

DIANE GOLDBERG, our beloved Ms. Travel, passed away on January 14, 2005 after a sudden illness. She wrote our popular News Magazine for more than four years and was a valued member of our USATourist Team. Diane loved to travel and enjoyed sharing her travel tips. She leaves behind fans from around the world of her witty and entertaining writings. We at USATourist are missing her greatly. Our deepest sympathy goes to Diane’s family.

You can read some of Diane’s past articles in the USATourist News Magazine Archive.

Carmen Rodriguez Codeluppi

CARMEN RODRIGUEZ CODELUPPI was our first USATourist Spanish language translator. She was born in Mexico City and educated as an architect. Carmen lived near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she worked as an independent business consultant and acted as a full-time mother to two sons. She was one of the most vibrant and animated persons that we ever met. Even a brief encounter with Carmen would immediately raise our spirits. Carmen died on July 7, 2000 after an extended illness. We all miss her very much. Vaya con Dios Carmen.

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