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Houseboats are a wonderful way to explore the natural wonders of the USA. From the mighty Mississippi to small inlet rivers and lakes on the Bayou, you can enjoy cruising on custom-built boats that often offer luxurious accommodations.

Houseboats have been described as floating condos and range in size from 38 feet up to 62 feet. Most houseboats have one to four private sleeping quarters and can comfortably accommodate two to twelve passengers. Fully equipped with all kitchen appliances and linens, most houseboats have televisions, radios, barbeque grills, heat/air-conditioning, and back-up generators. Many houseboats have additional features such as a microwave oven, VCR, built-in stereo-system, washer/dryer and water slide. All you need to bring is your clothing and food. Some houseboats have an operating fly bridge that allows you to navigate the boat from atop the sun deck as well as from the helm in the cabin. Pets are sometimes allowed.

Most houseboats rent for the week. For a 38-foot, four-sleeper boat, the weekly rate starts at about $1,375. The larger boats can range anywhere from $2,350 to $4,750. Prices do not include fuel costs. Fishing licenses (required by most states) are extra.

It doesn't matter if you've never navigated a boat before. You'll receive clear and complete instructions on operating the boat so you'll have all the skill and information you need for a memorable vacation. Most houseboats will be fueled and ready for your departure. Once you have your instructions, you're ready to set sail and enjoy a fun-filled vacation!

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Here are a few houseboat rental companies throughout the USA. We have tried to give you a brief description of what each offers and the prices they charge. You can click on the links to get more information or to make your reservations. Rentals are very limited at some locations, so try to make your reservations far in advance.

Houseboating in Washington

Located about 2 hours northwest of Spokane, Washington, Lake Roosevelt is one of the largest man-made lakes in the US. You'll find houseboating on beautiful Lake Roosevelt to be the perfect vacation for your family. With its shimmering, crystal clear blue water, sandy beaches, forests, meadows and abundant wildlife, combined with luxurious accommodations, ensure an unforgettable experience. With over 650 miles of shoreline public use, you'll appreciate the beaches and secluded coves where you can anchor and go ashore. Many visitors easily spot the Bald Eagle, Wild Turkey, Whitetail and Mule Deer in their natural habitat. Swimming, fishing, soaking in the hot tub are just some of the activites you'll enjoy while houseboating on Lake Roosevelt.

Cruising The Mississippi River

The Mississippi is the principal river of the United States and 2,350 miles (3,780 km) long. It is the second largest river in the U.S. The Missouri River (the longest in the U.S.) is the chief tributary of the Mississippi. The combined Missouri-Mississippi system (from the Missouri's head waters in the Rocky Mountains to the south of the Mississippi River) is 3,740 miles (6,020 km) making it the world's largest river system after the Nile and Amazon. The river is divided into two sections, the Upper and Lower Mississippi. The Mississippi abounds with 212 species of fresh water fish. House boaters cruising this mighty river can enjoy swimming, fishing, water skiing, or picnicking on the numerous islands and sandy beaches along the shore.

Houseboating in Florida

The state of Florida has many small rivers and inlets making it the perfect place to experience its natural beauty and lush vegetation. Subtropical flowers and trees, freshwater springs with artesian wells, and wildlife are just some of the sights you'll see. Along the rivers, you can go ashore to visit and shop in some of the charming old wharf towns, or hike and explore the state's many parks. Swimming, snorkeling, and fishing are other activities you'll enjoy.

Houseboating on Lake Powell

Located about 2 hours north of Sedona, Arizona and five hours northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Powell is a breath-taking wonderland unlike any other place in the United States. With over 2,000 miles of coastline, 900 serpentine canyons, and incredible moon-like rock formations, Lake Powell offers an unforgettable houseboat vacation experience. This man-made lake has a depth of nearly 580 feet and stretches from southern Utah to northern Arizona. It is also home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world… the 290-foot high Rainbow Bridge National Monument. During your vacation you can enjoy swimming, water skiing, tubing, fishing, camping, and hiking in "America's Natural Playground."

Houseboating in California - Lake Shasta

Located about 3 ½ hours northeast of San Francisco near the rugged wilderness of Redding, California.  Lake Shasta is a beautiful man-made lake created by the Shasta Dam. The dam backs up three rivers, the Sacramento, the McCloud, and the Pit, which creates areas only accessible by houseboat.  Lake Shasta is known as the houseboat capital of the world.  The huge lake, with its crystal blue water, 370 miles of varied shoreline, and countless inlets, ensures an enjoyable and private vacation.  More than 20 variety of fish, including rainbow and trout, abound in the lake. The lake region is also home to the largest nesting population of bald eagles in California. The Trinity Alps and Cascade mountain ranges that surround Lake Shasta create a natural splendor of snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and rugged canyon walls.  Swimming, fishing, water skiing, and exploring the beautiful shore-side Shasta Caverns are only a few of the activities you'll enjoy from your houseboat.
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