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Fishing Trips

The boat charters for $2,500.00 a day for a private fishing trip. You are allowed up to 6 persons maximum with a four day minimum. Trip includes all meals and lodging.
Sport fishing for salmon© Alaskan Adventure Tours

Fishing Trip Fee

  • $2,500.00 per fisherman
  • A 4-day minimum stay is required
  • Maximum 6 people per trip


Alaskan Adventure Tours offers weeklong sport fishing trips during the months of July, August and September of each year. The 60’ Motor Yacht Alaskan Adventure is the base camp that will be anchored in the calm protected lagoon of Eshamy Bay, Prince William Sound, South Central Alaska. Eshamy Bay has the largest run of Sockeye and Coho Salmon in all of Prince William Sound. You will have the opportunity to fly-fish or rod and reel from the beach for both species of salmon. You will also have the opportunity to float in small skiffs on top of large schools of salmon near the stream terminus.

Alaskan Adventure Tours also offers Rock Fish, Halibut and Shark Fishing excursions during your week trip of Salmon Fishing. Auxiliary skiffs and vessel are used for transport to and from shore and bottom fishing trips. Kayaks are also available. This trip is often taken by people wanting something to do while sightseeing in beautiful South Central Alaska. Great for people of all ages.

Fishing aboard a charter boat© Alaskan Adventure Tours

Halibut and Rockfish

The Alaskan Adventure Tours fishes for the Gulf of Alaska barn door size halibut beginning July 1st in beautiful Prince William Sound. The halibut are moving in from the Gulf of Alaska to feed in the calm waters of Prince William Sound. Don’t be surprised if you hook-up a 150lb+ halibut on this trip. We go where the smaller day-boats can’t make it.

Rockfish are plentiful and Trophy Size Red Snapper are not uncommon. We anchor up the 60’ Motor Yacht Alaskan Adventure in calm protected bays near the halibut grounds and fish from the 35’ M/V Sound Adventure. Our Captains are experienced Fishing Guides and are ready to assist when you get the “Big One” on! There are 3 on- board chest freezers available to allow for proper storage of the fish until you return home.

Salmon Shark!

Big Game Salmon Shark fishing in Alaska offers the thrill seeking fisherman the experience of a lifetime. Salmon Sharks are a cousin to the Great White Shark and the Mako Shark and just as deadly as its cousins. The Shark feeds on Salmon hence earning its name of Salmon Shark.

Salmon Shark© Alaskan Adventure Tours

Each fall the waters of Prince William Sound are invaded by the Salmon Shark in search of returning spawning salmon. The Sharks can be seen in feeding frenzies jumping from the water and doing aerial acrobatics in certain areas of the Sound. If you like the action of Marlin fishing, Salmon Shark fishing is for you. These fish act like Coho Salmon when hooked into. They spring from the water, tail- walk and barrel role. Special gear is used in fishing for these beautiful shark.

This is a fully guided trip for the safety of you and the shark. Sharks average in length at around 8 feet but have been known to reach lengths of 12 feet or more. Alaskan Adventure Tours conducts these extreme fishing trips aboard the M/V Sound Adventure. The landing craft vessel allows for great photo opportunities with our catch and release program. If you choose to harvest your shark, processing is available at an additional fee. Shark meat is excellent baked with a lemon marinade.

Fishing Licenses

Sport Fishing LicensesResidentNon-residentNon-Resident Military*
1 Day Sport Fishing LicenseN/A$10.00N/A
3 Day Sport Fishing LicenseN/A$20.00N/A
7 Day Sport Fishing LicenseN/A$30.00N/A
14 Day Sport Fishing LicenseN/A$50.00N/A
Sport Fishing Licence$15.00$100.00$15.00
Sport Fishing License for the Blind $.25N/AN/A

King Salmon StampsResidentNon-residentNon-Resident Military*
1 Day N/A$10.00N/A
3 Day N/A$20.00N/A
7 Day N/A$30.00N/A
14 Day N/A$50.00N/A
Annual Stamp $10.00$100.00$20.00

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