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November 2004

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For many people here in the United States, November represents “the calm before the storm”. The festivities of Halloween have ended and this is a month to prepare for the most widely celebrated holiday in the USA... Christmas! November also brings with it one of my favorite celebrations... Thanksgiving. This is a great time for families to spend time together and reflect on the blessings in their own lives... that’s what thanksgiving means... giving thanks to God. The unique thing about this holiday is that it has remained relatively untainted by the materialism that is typical of so many other American holidays... Thanksgiving is all about food, family and the comforts of home! And if you are traveling during that time, you’ll be surprise at how much hotels and resorts will try to recreate that homey atmosphere and offer special “home cooked meals” with the typical turkey, mashed potatoes and all the delicious fixings. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday. November 25th.

Thanksgiving weekend is a busy travel time

Keep this date in mind if you are planning on visiting the US during this month, since the days around Thanksgiving are considered to be the busiest travel days of the year. You may want to make reservations ahead of time, to assure that you’ll get your train or plane ticket or that hotel room you might need. The days around Thanksgiving are definitely not the time to be scheduling last minute travel, since it might be difficult to get those airplane tickets. If you still want to travel during those specific dates, you will probably pay higher rates.

The rest of the month, however, is an excellent time to travel in the United States. The weather is great in many parts of the country, especially here in the Northwest. The leaves are turning, and even though we do get rain sometimes, we have been getting plenty of sunny days, with temperatures of 10 C to 20 C.

The beginning of the Christmas shopping season

For shoppers, this is a great time to browse the fantastic selections that stores are displaying in preparation for the coming Christmas shopping season. If shopping is your thing and you are here the day after Thanksgiving, November 26th, be prepared! This is the busiest shopping day of the entire year! It’s when the Christmas shopping season officially begins, and stores everywhere entice shoppers with incredible sales and offers. It’s quite an event that you will not want to miss!!!

In New York City, November 25 is the date for the great Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Marching bands, clowns, colorful floats and giant character balloons will all parade down Broadway. It will begin at 9AM on 77th Street and Central Park West and end up at Herald Square in front of Macy’s Department Store around noon. At the end of the great procession, Santa Claus will arrive signaling the beginning of the Christmas Season.

If you can't visit New York, stop by! You’ll find great prices on a huge selection of New York City gifts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, ornaments, souvenirs, I NY apparel and merchandise, art prints, snow globes, and much more.

Anabel L. Elliott

Some of the most popular winter destinations in the USA:

Florida is the most popular winter vacation destination in the eastern USA. At this time of the year, the temperatures in Florida average a very pleasant 25 C. Even in December and January, the temperatures seldom fall below 15 C. The heavy summer rainfalls are finished, so the chances of rainy days are much lower throughout the coming winter months.

The ocean waters are becoming a bit chilly for swimming but sunbathing on the beach is still a very popular activity. Fortunately, nearly every resort has a heated swimming pool that makes swimming possible throughout the winter. Visits to Disney World, Universal Studios and the other attractions remain the most popular activities. Golf, tennis, fishing and other outdoor activities are also great winter pastime in Florida.

If you think it is expensive to vacation in Florida, you are mistaken. There are so many hotels, vacation rentals and resorts in Florida that the competition keeps the prices very affordable. You can easily find hotel rooms for less than $100 per night and even for less than $50 per night.

Las Vegas is the most popular winter vacation destination in the western part of the USA. Current temperatures are around 25 C, but they usually drop to an average 10 C during the months of December through February. The chances of any rainfall are very low in this dry desert community. The most popular indoor attractions in Vegas are gambling, entertainment, gambling, dining and gambling. Outdoor activities include golf, horseback riding, tennis, and exploring the may nearby attractions such as the Grand Canyon.

This is the time of the year to find some real bargains in Las Vegas. Many of the grand casinos are offering some very inexpensive room rates. If you avoid the weekends, you can easily find some luxury rooms in the big hotels along the Las Vegas Strip for bargain prices. You'll find even lower rates at the hotels off the strip!

Phoenix Arizona is another western winter vacation spot. It currently offers a pleasant 25 C, but temperatures often drop to the 10 C level during December through February. Chances of rainfall are very low. Golf is the main winter attraction with a plethora of great courses nearby. Horseback riding, tennis and other outdoor activities continue through the winter months.

Palm Springs California currently offers beautiful 28 C. days. Those temperatures are unlikely to fall below 15 C even in the dead of winter, while chances of any rainfall are near zero. Palm Springs has some of the finest golf courses in the USA, and they attract many rich and famous guests from nearby Los Angeles and Hollywood. Our list of Palm Springs Hotels will get you started on your warm winter vacation!

We are missing our Ms. Travel

I am sorry to say that Diane Goldberg, our Ms. Travel, and the author of our newsletter for the past several years, is seriously ill and unable to write. I know you will miss her witty and informative writing, and I hope you will join me in wishing her a speedy recovery. If you care to send her your best wishes, you can e-mail her at her usual address:

Mike Leco

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