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July 2004

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Independence Day

July starts off with a bang in the USA. July 4th, our Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated with fireworks displays in many cities and towns. Travelers in the USA over the fourth will find events to attend almost everywhere. In Los Angeles, California tourists will have so many choices of events that it won’t be possible to hit every holiday spectacular. If you are in the LA area you’ll be able to choose from:

  • A chance to take in America’s favorite pastime – baseball at Dodger Stadium plus a holiday fireworks display. On July 1st the Los Angeles Dodgers host the Giants and have a huge nighttime fireworks show.
  • On July 4th you’ll find a spectacular tribute to the USA’s history and Tinkerbell spreading fairy dust across the sky at the original Disney Land.
  • The Queen Mary, permanently berthed in nearby Long Beach, is a hotel and museum. She’s planning a great Fourth of July with a carnival, fireworks display and week long waterside celebration.
  • The fireworks festivities at the Hollywood Bowl are scheduled for July 2nd this year.
  • The Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena plans on a full day extravaganza beginning at noon. (Flower fanciers planning a trip to LA during late spring and early summer of any year might want to plan to drive by this sports stadium just to see the landscaping.)

That’s just a small sample of a few of the things on offer in one city. Even if you’re here on business or visiting family in an area that isn’t famed for tourism, check around, you will find some Fourth of July events. While many shops are open on the fourth, banks and government offices are closed this year on either Friday the 2nd or Monday the fifth depending on your location. You might want to take care of currency exchange and other business needs before closings.

Southeastern states travel tip:

Traditionally the southeastern economy was tied to farming and textile mills. While that has changed in recent years the tradition of textile mills closing down for the week of July Fourth caused a lot of locals to continue to take their vacations that week. If you are headed toward the South Carolina beaches during the first two weeks of July you absolutely must have a hotel reservation. Most of the time you can spontaneously decide to head for the Grand Strand and you’ll luck into lodging. But during the first two weeks of July rooms really should be booked in advance.

Take out those calendars!

Starting July 26th and ending July 29th Boston, Massachusetts is the site of the Democratic National Convention.

The Republican National Convention will be held August 30th through September 2nd at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Each of our two major political parties holds a huge gathering to officially nominate their candidate for President of the United States. Even though folks who follow news about the USA can tell you that it’s pretty much a “done deal” that Kerry will run on the Democratic ticket and that Bush will run on the Republican slate, the parties still hold conventions.

Thousands of delegates come to these conventions and it might be best to plan to avoid tourism in convention cities during the events. Extra security, crowded restaurants, and increased traffic could spoil your stay.

Sun lovers traveling to Daytona Beach Florida mark down July 3rd on your calendar that’s the day that NASCAR Racing comes to the Daytona track for its second summer visit. You need not avoid the area during the weekend. Just be prepared for an incredible traffic jam during the morning before the race and an equally huge one following the end of the race. The beach itself could easily seem like your private stretch of shore during the race.

And for those of you who plan trips well in advance. Next year’s NASCAR season starts off with Speed weeks in Daytona beginning February 12th 2005 and running through February 20th 2005. While visiting over the weekend of the midsummer race isn’t a hassle if you are aware of the two traffic jams that dominate the day. Daytona is taken over by race fans during Speed weeks. So if that isn’t your cup of tea I recommend that you avoid the area. If it is something you’ve always wanted to see, I suggest you book both your room and race tickets as soon as possible. A lot of other people want to be there with you!

While you are making travel plans

The last thing anyone wants to think about is being sick or injured while traveling. And, if you are in a foreign country even a small mishap or minor illness can be frightening without the security of knowing that you can obtain medical assistance without breaking your budget. All health care in the USA, except for a very few, is private health care. The USA does not have reciprocal agreements with any other nation regarding health care. Health care in the USA can be expensive. Travel Insurance can provide you with easy access to health care and many other privileges that make travel as safe as a trip to the corner shop.

Whether you are coming to the USA for business or pleasure follow the Travel Insurance link to check out World Travel Center’s new Insuractive Travel Medical Elite product. With a maximum benefit of $5,000,000 it provides for emergency medical and dental expenses including hospitalization, intensive care, outpatient services, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation as well as personal liability and legal expenses. The coverage extends to trip cancellation, interruption and missed connection expenses. 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance is part of the program. It is available to citizens and residents of all countries and can cover a period long enough to be sensible for someone doing business in the United States. Group and corporate discounts as well as optional coverage for war and acts of terrorism are available.

Fancy a trip to Cowboy Country?

No single image evokes America as much as the Cowboy. Cowboy culture lives today and it’s accessible for travelers who want the ultimate American vacation.

You still have time to book a Pawnee Wagon Train vacation for this August. Pawnee Wagon Trains offers a wonderful three-day, two-night journey back in time where you can experience life like the pioneers who trekked cross continent to settle in the Old West. While the trip takes in the scenery and the stories of the era in an authentic way and the wagon trains travel like they did a century ago, you’ll be quite comfortable and spoiled by gourmet meals along the way. It’s a great learning experience for children over six as well as an opportunity for history buffs to get up close and personal with the past. The journey is a photographer's dream taking you away from the modern world and into unspoiled areas. The company can even arrange pick up from Denver International Airport if you are uncomfortable driving to the starting point.

If you are staying in Denver a few days check out the brand new Discover Denver Discount Card available at visitor centers in the city or by calling 1-800-233-6837. It offers special treats at several area restaurants as well as discount admission to city attractions including the art museum and the zoo.

Travel tips for the summer of 2004

Summer is the high season for travel almost everywhere in the world, with that in mind you need to take some time to make certain your trip runs smoothly. A little bit of extra planning, and a few precautions can help you along your way.

Almost all airlines overbook flights. They deliberately sell more tickets that they have seats with the expectation that a few passengers will not show up. If your flight is overbooked the staff at the gate will ask for volunteers to take an alternate flight if no one volunteers they may select passengers to fly on a later flight. The later flight might even be the next day. You do have some legal rights if you are bumped from a flight due to overbooking.

Many travelers with flexible schedules actually like being bumped. They enjoy the compensation in the form of free tickets. If you aren’t one of those folks you can protect yourself from overbooking by: getting to the airport very early, traveling on off-peak times of day, traveling on low travel days, booking a more expensive business or first class ticket, and traveling with a group.

Many of us like to travel light and find that washing out small items in a hotel sink helps us keep luggage to a minimum. Unfortunately travel wash is hard to find in the USA, best pick up a tube at home if it suits your traveling style.

On road trips through the USA an exit marked Rest Area usually has toilet facilitates and possibly a picnic table and soda machines. If the sign for a Rest Area says no facilities, that means you will not find toilet facilities.

In many beach and resort areas open air bars and sandwich shops serve customers in swimwear. Those that do not usually have signs that say: No shirt, No shoes, No service, or words to that effect.

While hotel rooms in Washington, DC may seem pricey keep in mind that most of the wealth of sightseeing within the city is free.

While it is high season throughout most of the USA, summer is actually off-season in Miami, Florida. You’ll find great hotel prices that aren’t available during the spring and fall.

Anyone en route to Florida should be certain to check our Florida Coupons for discounts on attractions in the Sunshine State.

And a few fun facts about travel in the USA

21 % of United States citizens have passports.

Close to 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year.

Las Vegas has over 120,000 hotel rooms.

Antoine’s located at 713-717 Rue St Louis in New Orleans opened in 1868. I think it is the oldest restaurant in the USA.

More than fifty percent of the tourists that visit Sedona, Arizona are repeat visitors.

The coldest place in the USA is Barrow, Alaska with an annual average daily high temperature of 10.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

And a little bit of follow-up

I’ve been having a few problems with email lately and they are fixed now. So, if you’ve emailed me at and not heard back, please drop me another email.

And, the promised Sedona pages will be available soon!

Diane Goldberg

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