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July 2002

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Due to USA school schedules

many places are popular with summer sightseers so you will definitely want to make advance bookings for things you don't want to miss. New York is a popular place for theater goers on this side of the Atlantic so if there is a show you are longing to see make certain you arrange Broadway Theater Tickets as far in advance as possible.

Dress at Broadway shows

is similar to dress in London's West End - unless you are with a party that is dressed to the hilt, smart casual clothing is suitable for all but the most expensive seats. In New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles you will find a few restaurants where gentlemen will need a tie and ladies will need to be a tad dressy. Beyond the urban centers we are a fairly casual nation. Differences in dress between the USA and most of Western Europe are not that extreme - but a few things might help you feel comfortable:

In many cities in the USA you can wear jeans and trainers almost anywhere, even to moderately nice restaurants at lunchtime.

In resort areas dress is very casual but check for signs cautioning you against wearing wet bathing suits in a café. Nude beaches are exceedingly rare and difficult to locate.

We tend to dress in brighter colors than people in Western Europe.

In the southeast (north of Florida and throughout Georgia, the Carolinas, and over in New Orleans, women tend to wear dresses more than pants.)

When attending a church or synagogue for a religious service standards vary even within one community --- it's always best to ask what is appropriate.

A bargain for railroaders

NASCAR Racing fans may be familiar with a current Amtrak promotion called "2 the Track with Rusty." (Rusty Wallace is a racer driving a car numbered 2.) The special offer gives train travelers special deals on tickets to race events.

The good news is that if you sign up for the promotion on the Amtrak site you are entitled to special discounts on ALL train travel in the USA even if you never go to a race. Signing up is free and the discount may be helpful for travelers who are only taking one or two train trips and really don't need a pass program.

Another money saving trip this month

has to do with those horrible hotel service charges some Manhattan hostelries stick to you for local calls. You are often better off with a phone card for a local call than the rate your hotel charges. Check it out and make your decision.


The Colorado wild fires has made visits to Denver non-starters. Please check with us often at and we'll let you know when it is safe to go --- and in the meantime we have plenty of suggestions for other great places to visit.

Diane Goldberg

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