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June 2003

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New York and Broadway

June is busting out all over.

Especially in the USA where we've got gardens in bloom, white sand beaches, and scores of attractions from sea to shining sea.

This newsletter starts with a quote from Rodgers and Hamerstein who may have been the best team of musical comedy writers that the USA ever produced. They wrote Carousel (that's where the line is from), South Pacific, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and many other shows. If you are interested in Broadway Theater June, July and August are great months to buy a ticket in advance.

Summer is a super time to visit New York City. Many of the locals take short weekend breaks out of the city making attractions more accessible and restaurants a bit less crowded. You'll also find that in the USA you seldom encounter groups of students on school trips to museums and historic sites during the summer months. All of the New York theaters, restaurants, and museums are air-conditioned. New York has new smoking regulations. All public places, restaurants, bars, and theaters are smoke free. If you are a smoker, request a smoking room at your New York hotel.

Florida is still the favorite destination for most travelers to the USA

Travelers looking for luxury and economy will find both by booking a vacation rental through All Star Vacation Homes. They've added several new properties to choose from including town homes, condos and private pool homes less than 4 miles from Disney World. This year's summer specials offer a free car rental with every seven-night booking.

Florida is full of attractions that are off-the-beaten tourist path. You simply can't see many of them without a rental car. Travelers with an interest in US history will find out some surprising facts if they visit the Black Heritage Museum in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Located in a century old former church this picturesque little museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and history documenting the lives of area African-Americans and providing amazing insight into the literally scores of inventions created by African-Americans. This is history you won't find in books brought to life by a dedicated group of locals who don't want to let the past disappear. Call them at (386) 428-6225 for directions and additional information.

Access to a rental car makes it easy to combine a visit to Disney with a side trip to Daytona, which is especially attractive in June 2003 because of an extra special event for music lovers.

June 28th of this year the first stand-alone concert event ever will fill Daytona International Speedway! Major rock and Country & Western stars including Sheryl Crow, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, the Goo Goo Dolls and Hootie and the Blowfish are among the artists scheduled for the all-day concert that is major fundraiser for the Dale Earnhardt Foundation, which will further the humanitarian causes that the seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion supported during his lifetime. You can purchase tickets to the concert at any Ticketmaster location in the USA.

If you're visiting Florida for a few weeks you'll sample a lot of fresh seafood. When your palate needs a switch, the best bet in the Daytona area is exquisite northern Italian cuisine in a romantic setting. Rosario Ristorante, 448 S. Beach Street in Daytona (telephone: 386 258-6066) is the sort of setting where you'd expect to pass Bogart by the piano or see a starlet sipping wine at a rear table. Open only for the evening meal and located in the Live Oak Bed and Breakfast, it's the perfect end to a day by the shore.

If you've simply got to have seafood, check out the bountiful buffet at the Treasure Island Resort, 2025 South Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach. The all-you can-eat buffet is available on Friday and Saturday nights, you can feast on grouper, shrimp, crab legs, and more.

Music seems to be on everyone's mind this spring

I've got quite a few emails from readers interested in visiting Memphis, Tennessee to see Graceland. I strongly encourage you to click on the hotel room link on our Memphis page; there are a lot of good hotel specials available for this summer. Several readers have written regarding the fact that most hotels in the USA don't offer breakfast as part of the price of a room. While you are checking out bargain rates, consider La Quinta Inns, they are usually economically priced and always offer a cold breakfast buffet with cereals, pastries, and yogurt as part of the price. Also keep in mind that most hotels are priced so that two people sharing pay the same as a single traveler in the same space. As always, I love getting email at and I'm delighted to answer questions or make recommendations.

If you're a music lover in the South Carolina area during the first week in June you might just be able to grab a few tickets for one or two of the remaining Spoleto Festival events. But, as always, with this popular festival it's best to plan your trip well in advance.

Visitors to California looking for popular music concerts can check San Francisco Concerts for venues and times of upcoming shows. California bound travelers taking in the Palm Springs area will find a posh version of the La Quinta chain among the great Palm Springs California accommodations on offer.

For authentically American music, it's hard to beat Cajun Country

If the USA is a melting pot, Cajun country in Louisiana is the most authentic part of the stew. The Acadians were French settlers who lived in Canada and were forced to leave their homes in the 1750s. They settled in Louisiana, a lush near tropical land of swamps and bayous.

Lafayette is in the center of Cajun country where you'll find an interesting mix of Cajun and Creole cuisine, French language and cultural traditions. Acadiana, the name of the area where the French settlers from Canada first made their home in the USA covers twenty two South Louisiana parishes that extend from south of Alexandria in the center of the state, to Lake Charles on the west, south of New Orleans on the east and to the Gulf of Mexico. You'll find Lafayette is located at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 49 between New Orleans and Houston; it's only 35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Lafayette is the only city outside of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana where you can hear live music any night of the week.

During the first half of June you'll be able to sample Cajun and zydeco music, styles that are unique to the area as well as rock & roll, rhythm and blues, country, Cajun, blues and alternative rock for free at Lafayette's Downtown Alive festival. If you can't make it this spring, the fall festival runs for 12 weeks as well. Our hotel search engine doesn't just cover the larger cities; you'll find lots of choices in Lafayette and other interesting destinations.

Your Euros are worth more than before

If you've been watching the money markets you know that it is a great time to visit the USA. One Euro exchanges for 1.16 in USDs and the GBP is worth 1.64 in USDs. To make it an even better time to bargain hunt, for the second month in arrow prices on most consumer goods have been dropping. You'll find great prices on everything from sun block in Daytona to high fashion in New York --- and if you do visit Louisiana remember: they have many shops that offer tax free purchase plans for international visitors.

Whether you're here for business in the USA or pleasure, we hope to see you soon. And before we see you, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at with your questions and comments --- I'd be delighted to help you plan an itinerary, pick a hotel or anything else you need.

Diane Goldberg

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