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January 2003

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There's so much to ski and do in the USA that you could spend a lifetime exploring our country and still not cover it all from sea to shinning sea much less take in Alaska and Hawaii --- but you sure can have fun trying to experience it all. One of the things we all enjoy doing at USA Tourist is pointing out places, bargains, and attractions that are a bit off-the-beaten path for folks who want find to parts of America that speak to their own dreams and fantasies of an ideal journey.

Were golf clubs on your wish list?

Phoenix Arizona hasn't made international headlines often but it's a great vacation destination for folks who want a mild climate and a central base for seeing some unusual sights, both natural wonders and man-made. You can start with the pueblo dwellings of Native American people and move through time to one of the area's most unusual sights--- The Mystery Castle at the foot of the South Mountains constructed before 1945 out of rocks, bottles and discarded objects of all kinds by Luther Boyce Gulley, an eccentric artist.

According to the Phoenix Convention and Visitor's Bureau it's one of the world's top five golf destinations. Over fifty courses ring the city. Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the USA and a great place to catch touring companies of Broadway musicals or do some shopping. The area also offers some of America's most exciting spas with full ranges of beauty treatments available. You will also find casinos in the area. Phoenix also has a very large community of citizens of Hispanic descent and a rather large Asian American population. Spanish speaking visitors will find Phoenix a very welcoming city.

Or ski boots?

If you don't want to escape the winter wonderland and really love the ski slopes you'll find that Vail, Colorado has many international visitors. Vail is a resort well used to hosting guests from around the globe. Many local hotels provide on site currency exchange services and most hotels have several staff people who are bilingual.

While the majority of people in the USA only speak English there are many areas where you will find hotel staff and other people in the hospitality industry who speak other languages. Additionally there are places in the USA where many people do speak a second language and over the next few months you'll find more information about those places in our on-site newsletter.

If Spanish is your first language you'll feel at home almost everywhere --- there are over 25 million Spanish speaking Americans and in many parts of the USA you'll find dual language signs in grocery stores and shops.

If you haven't been by our home page lately you might want to stop by and have a look at our expansion into Canadian territory. No, we did not invade our neighbor to the north but we did add some great travel information on Vancouver, British Columbia and Niagara Falls, Canada.

Tips for a comfortable flight

Coming to America means a long haul flight for visitors. To start your trip off right, follow these tips for a comfortable flight:

Cabin temperatures can get quite cool. Keep a sweater or jacket handy.

Be certain you wear comfortable shoes --- your feet can swell at high altitudes.

Cabin air is dry. A little bit of moisturizing cream tucked into your hand luggage is helpful.

Excess alcohol and caffeine can make jet lag a lot more difficult. But do drink lots of water and fruit juice to keep hydrated.

Stretch and move about every few hours to prevent cramping and discomfort.

Even the best airline movie might not suit your taste --- keep a book in your carryon.

Children really need a coloring book or toy that will occupy their time.

Make certain you have chewing gum in your carry on for take off and landing --- your ears will thank you!

Jet lag is a tricky event --- some travelers never experience it. Some folks journey 'round the globe finding that it sometimes affects them and sometimes doesn't. Many people find that going from West to East is harder on them than the other direction. If you are subject to jet lag there's no need to let it spoil your holiday. Most travelers find that trying to stay up until a near-normal bedtime during their first day in a new time zone is the best way to avoid having jet lag linger over a few days. A brisk walk outdoors as soon as you've settled into your lodgings can help you stay awake during the day and get to sleep at night. But, the best thing you can do is arranging your first night's lodgings in advance. Even if you are planning a road trip where you'll go as you please, booking a room for the first night is essential --- you never know how you'll feel when you land.

A little bit of traveling music?

Over the next few months Willie Nelson fans visiting the USA will have lots of opportunities to see him in concert. Willie will be playing the Filmore in San Francisco February 10th through 13th. He'll be at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe \ Nevada February 14th though 16th. You'll be able to catch him in Los Angeles on February 21. March the 22 and 23 will find him at the House Of Blues in New Orleans. April 12th he'll be playing at Universal Studios in Orlando with shows in Jacksonville on the 13th followed by shows in Clearwater and Fort Myers.

Or opera?

Opera fans planning a visit near New Orleans may want to mark October 2, 2003 on their calendars for the world premier of Louisiana Purchase, a brand new opera based on the life of Baroness Pontalba. The New Orleans Opera Association is in the sixty first year of the modern company. New Orleans had the very first opera house in the USA and 2003 marks the 200th anniversary of opera in the city. During the early days of New Orleans opera, all shows were presented in English and French.

If you want to explore a little bit of real New Orleans on the Internet, stop by Louie's Juke Joint Music Shop - Music and Voodoo in New Orleans to check a store that's a New Orleans original along with recommendations on sights to see (and ones to skip) from a hometown boy. It's a good place to shop if you've forgotten to get a souvenir or just have to have an authentic Elvis autograph. If you read the Love Letter from the Mayor's Office on Louie's site you'll understand why so many visitors choose New Orleans as a vacation spot time and time again.

I love exploring the USA --- so if there is a place you'd like more information about please email me at MsTravel(email address no longer active)

Diane Goldberg

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