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Fun Events is where you'll learn about the different festivals and celebrations that take place across the US. These unique events are a great way to experience life in the USA!

Spoleto Festival USA
The Spoleto Festival USA and Picolo Spoleto are well-known at the places to see quality performing arts. Visit our Spoleto page to learn about the festival history and events.
Holidays in New York City
Americans love to celebrate the holidays. And New York City is well known as the place to be for the biggest parties and parades.
Spring Break in Florida
Every spring American Universities give their students a week off. During this time the students flock to resorts in the US and Mexico. The most popular destinations are the white sand beaches of Florida.
USA Holidays
There are many holidays that Americans celebrate. Some are known around the world. Others are unique to the United States. Our USA Holiday calendar has information about when the holidays are and what Americans do to celebrate them.
USA Calendar of Events
Looking for something to do on your travels? Or do you want to avoid the crowds? Our calendar of events will tell you what is going on across the USA.
Written by: Mike Leco
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Photo Description: Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.