Luckenbach, Texas

"Everybody is Somebody in Luckenbach"

If you occasionally like to stray off the beaten path to visit sights seldom seen by the tourist crowds, Luckenbach, Texas is a secret corner of the USA worth visiting. This authentic American town is located in the middle of nowhere with not much to see. Yet, a visit to this tiny cowboy community is like a trip back in time to a previous era when life was less complicated.

It is hardly more than a bend in the road. A couple of shabby old buildings stand beneath a grove of spreading oaks. The whole town covers less than ten acres. A sign as you enter town says: "population 3". The Luckenbach post office stands at the center. It includes a general store and saloon. Out back, folks sit on benches under the oak trees sipping Lone Star Beer and listening to country music. A cowboy strums his guitar.

Farm near Luckenbach Texas © Mike Leco /
Luckenbach, Texas is a secret corner of the USA worth visiting.

The only other significant structure is the dance hall. It is a genuine old-fashioned Texas dance hall. Local bands play western music on most weekends. Folks from all around the area come to dance and party.

They have an interesting assortment of entertainment events in Luckenbach. It includes Armadillo races, cowboy Christmases, bluebonnet balls, mud daubers days, an annual hug-in, and the world's all women's chili cook off. Most famous of all is the Fourth of July picnic. It has been frequented by country music star Willie Nelson. Waylon Jennings and Willie both recorded hit records about Luckenbach.

Luckenbach sits along both sides of ranch road 1376 approximately 17 miles south of Fredricksburg, Texas. It is about an hour drive north of San Antonio and an hour west of Austin. You should stop and ask directions! Luckenbach is not easy to find. You better hurry! It might disappear before you get there.

Written by: Mike Leco
Top Photo Credit: © Mike Leco /
Photo Description: The Luckenbach post office stands at the center of town.