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If you are visiting New York City, you have a multitude of choices for hotel accommodations. There are hundreds of hotels in and around New York City. They are available in many price ranges, but nearly all are more expensive than comparable accommodations in other parts of the USA. The average price of a moderately priced hotel in Manhattan is over $200 per night. Budget priced hotels cost at least $100 per night. It is hard to find anything for less.

You can stay in nearby New Jersey or in one of the suburban boroughs of New York City and get nicer accommodations for slightly less cost, but you are still likely to pay at least $100 per night.

Many of our readers have asked our advice on where to stay in New York City. Here are some tips on finding accommodations to suit your needs.

Midtown Manhattan

Most of the hotels in New York City are located in the Midtown section of Manhattan Island. This is the area that extends across the island from approximately 34th Street and north to the beginning of Central Park at 59th Street. It includes the Times Square Theater District, Rockefeller Center, the posh Fifth Avenue Shopping District and the United Nations Headquarters on the East River. Most tourists and business travelers choose to stay in Midtown because it is centrally located, near many major attractions with very easy access to the public transportation network. Click here to book a room in Manhattan!

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Times Square Hotels

The famous Times Square district is located at the center of Midtown along Broadway and Seventh Avenues from 42nd Street up to about 47th Street. It is the heart of the Broadway Theater area and attracts people and traffic 24 hours of the day. The neighborhood is composed of high buildings covered in bright lights and huge advertising billboards. The surrounding streets are lined with theaters, hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, convenience stores, boutiques and gift shops. Several very classy hotels are located directly on Times Square and in the immediate surroundings. Some smaller boutique hotels and even a few budget hotels are located nearby. Click here to book a room in Times Square!

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Hotels in Midtown East New York City

The part of Midtown that lies east of Times Square is more commercial and business oriented. It is busy with urban workers during the day, but relatively quiet on evenings and weekends with fewer tourists than the Times Square area. Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue have many stores, boutiques and restaurants but few souvenir stands. On the far eastern side, the streets are lined with high-rise office buildings, plenty of nice restaurants and a scattering of convenience stores, delicatessens and small shops. There are some very high-class hotels in this area and a wide range of tourist or business class hotels.

Upper East Side of New York City

Along the eastern perimeter of Central Park, in the area known as "museum row", the streets are lined with higher-class upper-income apartments and nice restaurants. You can find a good assortment of classy hotels clustered near its southern part. Above 100th Street, you are in Spanish Harlem with many tenements but few hotels.

Upper West Side of New York City

Along the western perimeter of Central Park, the southern part is known as Lincoln Center.  It is the core for performing arts halls with some expensive apartment buildings and some nice hotels.  Further north, the neighborhood becomes more working class with lots of tenement-style apartment buildings, small shops, restaurants, and stores.  This is home to the New York Youth Hostel and to many smaller budget-priced hotels.

Lower Manhattan in New York City

The Lower part of Manhattan including Greenwich Village, Soho, Chelsea, Tribeca, Chinatown and the Wall Street Financial District has a sparse assortment of hotels. There are a few business-class hotels near the Financial District and some moderately priced and budget hotels scattered about. Most tourists do not favor these neighborhoods for accommodations, as they are not centrally located nor near the major attractions.

Brooklyn in New York City

Located across the East River from Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn is a bedroom community with many high-rise apartments, condominiums and private residences. It has a variety of small stores and neighborhood shopping areas, but offers few hotels except in the vicinity of JFK Airport. Very few tourists stay in Brooklyn as it is not near the major attractions and requires a commute into Manhattan and is not easily accessible via car.

Queens in New York City

Located across the East River from Midtown and Upper Manhattan, Queens is a large bedroom community with many high-rise apartments and some neighborhood shopping areas. It has few hotels except in the vicinity of LaGuardia Airport, which is about a forty-minute commute from Manhattan.

Secaucus, New Jersey

Located just five miles east of the Holland Tunnel with easy access to Manhattan via car or public transportation, Secaucus is a good alternative place to stay when driving to New York City. It is easily accessible from other states via the interstate highways that converge near it. Secaucus is a business and commercial district with several moderately priced hotels in the vicinity of the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Hotel prices tend to be cheaper than in Manhattan, the rooms tend to be larger, and parking is free. Click here to book a room in Secaucus!

Jersey City and Newark

Jersey City is just across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan with easy access to the city via the Lincoln Tunnel or by train or ferry. Newark Airport is about a 40-minute commute from Manhattan via train or bus. Both communities are easily accessible by car via the interstate highways. Hotel prices tend to be lower than in Manhattan, rooms tend to be larger and parking is typically free. I personally prefer Secaucus due to its easy access from the interstates and its quick commute to midtown Manhattan.

Written by: Mike Leco
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Photo Description: Manhattan borough, the business and commercial center of New York City, is situated on a large island in the middle of the Hudson River.