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Las Vegas Hotels not in Casinos

Las Vegas is best known for its fabulous Casinos with their fantasy themes, their glitzy shows and their luxury accommodations. If you are looking for glamorous and luxurious accommodations the casinos are some of the best places to stay in Las Vegas. If you are looking for budget accommodations at bargain prices, you can even find those at some of the casino hotels. The casinos located in the less fashionable parts of Las Vegas like the northern end of the Strip, in downtown and off of the Strip often offer some real bargain room rates in order to attract guests to their facilities. On the other hand, if you want to get away from the tourist crowds, from the glitzy over-the-top themes, and from the round-the-clock gambling activities, you may want to stay in one of the quieter non-casino hotels.

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The non-casino hotels are located in all parts of Las Vegas. Some are situated right on the Strip in the midst of all the action. Others are close to the airport, or nearer to downtown. Many are scattered throughout the city and its suburbs quite a distant from the Strip. A few of the resort hotels are located adjacent to golf courses in the suburbs or completely outside of the city. Here is a partial list of Las Vegas non-casino hotels. This includes everything from premier high-end resorts and condominium style suites through bargain-priced budget establishments.

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Hotels with Condominium style kitchen suites

Desert Paradise Resort Desert Paradise Resort
Located just a few minutes west of the Strip and McCarran International Airport, Desert Paradise Resort offers spacious suites for no more than you might pay for a single hotel room. It has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and fitness center; and it offers free shuttle bus service to and from the Strip. Each suite comes with a fully equipped kitchen, microwave, dishwaher, washer and dryer.
The Cliffs at Peace Canyon The Cliffs at Peace Canyon
Located about ten minutes west of the Strip in suburban Las Vegas, The Cliffs offers swimming pool, spa, fitness center and barbeque area. It also provides a limited free shuttle service to and from the Strip. Each spacious southwestern decor suite comes equipped with a kitchen, washer, dryer and full entertainment center.
Montelago Village Resort Montelago Village Resort
Located about 20 minutes from the Strip near Henderson, this luxurious lakeside resort offers an elegant Mediterranean motif. Restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries, a small casino and a marina are located at the village. Each elegant unit has a fully-equipped kitchen and private balcony.

Budget Priced Motels

Comfort Inn Las Vegas Comfort Inn Las Vegas
Located just two miles from The Strip and two miles from the airport, this conveniently located economy hotel offers nice accommodations at reasonable prices. It features a free-form swimming pool with waterfall and free shuttle service to the airport or The Strip. Each unit is equipped with a kitchen and free high-speed Internet access. A complimentary continental breakfast is provided.
Hampton Inn Tropicana Avenue Hampton Inn Tropicana Avenue
Hampton Inn is a chain of business class hotels owned by the Hilton Corporation. I have stayed in them many times. They always offer comfortable beds, great complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, fitness room and free Internet access. The prices are usually moderate, a little more than budget, but less than luxury accommodations. This one is conveniently located near the strip and near the airport.
Best Western McCarran Inn Best Western McCarran Inn
Located near the entrance to McCarran International Airport and just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip, this budget class hotel offers all of the basic amenities at very low rates. Free wireless Internet access and free complimentary breakfast make it a great bargain.
Written by: Mike Leco
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Photo Description: A few of the resort hotels are located adjacent to golf courses in the suburbs or completely outside of the city.