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Clearwater Beach, Florida
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Many tourists travel to Florida for its tropical climate and 900 miles of beautiful beaches.

Attractions in Florida

White Sand Beaches

White sand beaches and a very pleasant semi-tropical climate are the greatest attractions of the "Sunshine State". Over 900 miles of beautiful beaches border the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

Kennedy Space Center

At the Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, you can visit the space and astronauts museums, tour the launch pads, or if you time your trip right, witness a real live space launch.

Disney World

Walt Disney World and the Orlando "play land" area make up the largest family entertainment complex in the world. The Disney World complex alone includes dozens of entertainment, sports, dining and shopping attractions. Plus the other attractions in this area like Universal Studios, Sea World, Gatorland, the water parks, theme dining experiences, museums, golf courses and various other entertainment facilities, adds up to hundreds of family entertainment attractions and diversions concentrated in one small area.

Florida Golf

Golf is also popular of course, especially during the winter months when the snow is falling on the more northern latitudes. There are several thousand year-round golf courses in the "Sunshine State".

Fishing the surf along Florida's coastline © Ronnie Allen / USATourist.com
Freshwater and saltwater sports fishing are very popular attractions in Florida.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing is a very popular pastime in Florida. Thousands of inland lakes with hundreds of miles of rivers and streams provide many opportunities for fresh water angling. The 900 miles of coastline with its countless estuaries, bays and inlets, the coral reefs, thousands of offshore islands and hundreds of square miles of mangrove swamps offer outstanding deep sea and saltwater fishing.

Silver Springs

Silver Springs is a beautiful town that is often missed by tourists, but is well worth visiting.  The biggest attraction is the glass-bottomed boats, which meander atop the crystal clear waters of the Silver River and allow visitors to see the underwater marine life.  Visitors to the 350-acre park can also take a jungle cruise, spend time at the petting zoo, wildlife park and alligator farm.  Animal shows and concerts are also held at the park.

Written by: Mike Leco
Top Photo Credit: © Mike Leco / USATourist.com
Photo Description: A space shuttle on display at the Kennedy Space Center Museum.