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The cities of the USA are separated by great distances.  They lie in different climates, at varying distances from the oceans, at different altitudes and in different geological surroundings.  Each offers a unique character.

New York City is the great metropolitan and business hub of the United States with much to see and do in this busy and crowded concentration of ethnic diversity on the northeastern coast of the USA. Los Angeles lies 5000 km west along the southern coast on the Pacific Ocean. It is a great sprawling city with over 75 km of sandy beaches, the home of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, plus the original Disneyland. Miami with its splendid beaches and semi-tropical climate is way down near the southern end of the eastern coast and is the city with the most South American and Caribbean flavor. Las Vegas is situated inland in the southwestern desert and is a glitzy, glamorous playground for adults but within easy driving distance from many of the greatest natural attractions. In the north, Chicago is the great mercantile and business center of the Midwest with a sprawling presence on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the vast internal seas. Denver is the “mile high city” situated nearly 3000 meters above sea level at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Memphis and Nashville are the centrally located musical cities, famous for country music and the blues. New Orleans has a distinctly European character and San Antonio has Mexican flavor.

We are a country of immigrants in the USA. Only the Native Americans, “the Indians”, were originally from this land. The rest of us are the descendants of immigrants from various other parts of the Earth. Each of the many cities in the United States was founded by some groups of these immigrants. The ethnic back grounds and mixes of nationalities varies city by city, thus each city has a unique character formed by its ethnic constituents.

Cities in the Southwest have a distinctly Spanish and Mexican flavor. Cities on the West Coast have a heavy Asian influence. In Florida, the cities have strong Caribbean and South American character. The Northern cities are more European and especially British, but some have French, German or Eastern European cultures. If you visit the USA, you might enjoy experiencing the diversity of its various cities.

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Written by: USATourist Staff
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