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Los Angeles is a huge metropolitan area. The map shown covers about 50 square miles (80 square km). This entire area is one large population center, and the various communities listed on the map are merely different neighborhoods in the same city.

Los Angeles has an excellent network of broad freeways and wide avenues. However, with such a large population, this network often becomes hopelessly clogged during morning and evening rush hours. The distance from the beaches of Santa Monica to Disneyland in Anaheim is approximately 40 miles. You can drive it in about 45 minutes on a quiet Sunday afternoon, but the same trip may take more than two hours during rush hour. Plan your hotel locations and travels accordingly.

Here are some short descriptions of the various neighborhoods to help you plan your vacation and to assist you in choosing your hotel and travel accommodations.

Anaheim & Disneyland near Los Angeles

Anaheim is a commercial, business and residential neighborhood in the southern part of Los Angeles. It is about 30 miles south of downtown and about 20 minutes east of the nearest beaches. It draws many tourists to its most famous attraction, Disneyland. It has a large variety of modestly priced, family oriented hotels to serve the hordes of visiting tourists.

Beverly Hills California

Beverly Hills is the affluent home of Hollywood movie stars and other rich celebrities. The business area features Rodeo Drive with exclusive shops, fine restaurants and classy night clubs. There are some fine hotels in Beverly Hills but the prices can be high.

Glendale California

Glendale is an ethnically mixed community near Hollywood and not far from downtown and Burbank.  It is 30-60 minutes away from the beach communities. Glendale has a lot of stores, small businesses and commercial establishments as well as many modestly priced apartments and a few modestly priced hotels.


Hollywood was once the glamorous center for the movie industry, and it is still a very popular tourist attraction.  Many of the movie studios have moved to Burbank or beyond, and some of the glamour has faded. Parts of Hollywood are now filled with inexpensive shops, businesses, and lower priced apartments.  You can find many bargain priced hotels in Hollywood.

Huntington Beach in Los Angeles

Huntington Beach is a family oriented beach along the southern coastline of Los Angeles.  It is popular with the Disneyland vacationers in nearby Anaheim and with many Los Angeles natives. You can find some modestly priced beachside hotels in this area.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a picturesque beach community along the far southern shores of Los Angeles. This is an artsy community with many quaint shops and galleries featuring arts and crafts and designer clothes, plus some good restaurants. There is a selection of nice, moderately priced to semi-expensive hotels in Laguna Beach.

Long Beach

Long Beach has a rather large modern business and commercial center beside a busy seaport harbor. It offers a lot of restaurants, shopping and boating, but it does not have much beach. You can find a good selection of inexpensive to moderately priced hotels in Long Beach.


Malibu is located along the northernmost coast of Los Angeles where the Malibu Mountains reach into the sea. The coastal highway mostly hugs the mountain slopes above cliffs and beaches. Exotic houses, built on stilts, hover above the narrow beaches or cling to the mountain slopes. This is home to many reclusive celebrities. There are not many hotels or tourist facilities in Malibu.

Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is an upscale community built around a beautiful yacht basin near Los Angeles International Airport. You find many fine restaurants, shops and classy apartments in Marina del Rey. It has a selection of good medium priced hotels.

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Newport is a nice beach community along the southern coast of Los Angeles. It is favored by Los Angeles residents and tourists, and offers a good variety of classy beach front shops, restaurants and upscale hotels.

Orange County

Orange County encompasses Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine. It draws many tourists to its most famous attraction, Disneyland. It has a large variety of modestly priced, family oriented hotels to serve the hordes of visiting tourists.


Pasadena is a lovely community at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is near downtown and Hollywood but is about 30 to 60 minutes from the beaches. Pasadena has a good selection of inexpensive and mid-priced hotels.

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is not far from Los Angeles International Airport. It is another beach favored by Los Angeles natives as it is close to many residential neighborhoods. You can find some budget hotels here.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a neighborhood in Orange County south of Anaheim and Disneyland. It has a large variety of modestly priced, family oriented hotels to serve the hordes of visiting tourists.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a very upscale community with a beautiful broad beach and wide streets lined with palm trees. It offers upscale shopping malls, fine restaurants, classy apartments and many nice hotels. This is a favorite beach resort for tourists that can afford it. The hotels range from moderately priced to expensive.


Torrance and neighboring El Segundo are non-beach communities very close to Los Angeles International Airport. They offer a wide selection of budget and moderately priced hotels. The neighborhood is rather commercial with many shopping malls, fast food restaurants, hotels and offices.


Venice is the quirky, off-beat beach neighborhood famous for its collection of interesting shops and strange characters. This is the home of Muscle Beach, bikini clad roller bladers, a wonderfully broad beach, tatoo parlors, fortune tellers, inexpensive souvenir shops, and hundreds of sidewalk vendors. The tiny houses in Venice provide some affordable living but hotels are rare in this neighborhood.

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Written by: Mike Leco
Top Photo Credit: © William Fawcett
Photo Description: Santa Monica Beach