Thompson Aire Balloon Rides

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What's it like to fly in a hot-air balloon?
A - Flying in a hot-air balloon is a magical and mystical moment for everyone and unlike anything you've ever experienced.
Q - How long does the balloon flight last?
A - All flights last about one hour and are totally dependent upon the good graces of Mother Nature. It depends upon the weather, the winds, fuel consumption, and landing site availability. The entire ballooning experience, including pre-flight preparation, flight, and post-flight celebration, usually takes three to four hours.
Q - How many passengers can you take at a time in the balloon?
A - Balloons vary in capacity from 4 to 18 adults. We do not like the larger balloons for several reasons. Most important is your flying pleasure! We just do not like the Tour BUS mentality. Yes we could make more money that way but we are creating memories for YOU not trying to put more 0's on our bank balance. Our balloons range from a pilot plus two passenger up to pilot plus 6 to 8 passengers at most. What size balloon or how many balloons are used depends on how many people are scheduled that day.

Our competitors in this area fly the 16-18 passenger balloons. Don't forget to ask how many other people will be sharing your special flight.

Q - What should I wear?
A - Wear comfortable, casual clothing for an outdoor activity like a picnic in the park or a walk in the woods. Bring layers for cooler weather. Dresses are not recommended! Wear hiking boots or tennis shoes that you don't mind getting a little wet. Please do not wear sandals or heels since we will be walking in fields and the ground is usually wet with dew. Inside the balloon, you will actually be warmer. HOT air balloons (note the clue HOT) float with the wind so there is no wind chill. Generally in the morning as we climb the air actually gets warmer by a few degrees. You may want to wear a hat to protect your head from the radiant heat of the balloon burners.
Q - Will we fly over Disney?
A - We try as often as we can to go over the parks. Balloons only float with the wind so we are limited on the direction we may travel. Many times we do fly over part of the Disney World property. We don't always go OVER Disney but you can see the parks from most all of our flights.
Q - Can I bring a camera and video gear?
A - YES! Also bring twice as much digital memory cards or film than you think you'll need!
Q - What is your cancellation policy?
A - If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance of your flight, and we are unable to book other passengers to fill your cancelled reservation, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the flight and you forfeit the 10% reservation deposit. In the event your flight is grounded due to bad weather, or due to forces beyond our control, and your flight cannot be rescheduled, there is no charge to you and the 10% reservation deposit will also be refunded.
Q - Does Thompson Aire Ballooning provide hotel pickup?
A - We offer hotel pickup. Just let us know that you need to be picked up when you schedule your flight and we will arrange it. The fee is $15 per person and that is round trip. We will pick you up and take you back after the post-flight breakfast. This is about half the price of what a taxi will cost you!
Q - Explain the Flight Request/Reservation Confirmation Process
1) Complete Online Reservation Form and Submit
After clicking the "Reserve Now" button, you will be taken through the online reservation booking process. Fill out the forms completely. During this process, you are making a request for a reservation and a 10% deposit is required.
2) Receive Reservation Email and Print it for Deposit Confirmation
Shortly after submitting the Online Reservation form, you will receive an email from outlining your flight request. Print this email, as you will need to present it at pre-flight check-in to verify you've paid the deposit
3) A Thompson Aire Representative will Contact You via Email
Within 2-3 business days, a representative from Thompson Aire Balloon Rides will respond via email to "confirm" your request, book your flight and provide additional flight details.
4) Contact your Pilot the day before Flight
The day before your scheduled flight, you'll need to call your pilot between 5 - 7:00 PM to make final arrangements. After your flight is completed, the remaining balance of the total tour cost is payable to Thompson Aire Balloon Rides.
Written by: Staff
Top Photo Credit: Courtesy of Thompson Aire Balloon Rides
Photo Description: Hot-air balloons flying above the Orlando countryside.