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Nearly 25 million vacation and business travelers from around the world will visit the USA this year. They will spend over $125 Billion on travel related expenses and outspend domestic tourists by $17 Billion. is rapidly becoming the primary source of US travel information for many foreign visitors. We already provide over 2500 pages of quality travel information about the US in five languages. Our material is specifically written for readers who may have a limited knowledge of the geography, the culture and the customs in the United States.

USATourist Audience pie graph

About 75% of our readers reside outside of the United States. This graph illustrates the major countries where our readers live according to the most recent statistics. The largest concentrations of readers are currently in Europe, Central America, South America and Japan.

Obviously, the majority of these foreign readers will soon be in the market for travel related products. If you offer travel services for visitors to the US, we have the audience you want to reach.

Advertise on and reach this highly targeted audience of travelers coming to the USA! We offer a range of options that can get your message to this audience can establish your brand identity and can sell your products or services. Why waste money advertising to an unfocused group of web surfers?

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Written by: USATourist Staff
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Photo Description: New York City