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This year, foreign tourists and overseas business travelers will spend over 125 Billion dollars in the USA!

They will also outspend US tourists by $17 Billion!

Do you want to sell to this market?

We can help. is the premier Internet travel resource for overseas visitors planning a trip to the USA. Established in 1997, USATourist provides over 2500 pages of free quality travel information and was the first to provide content in multiple languages: French, German, Spanish, Japanese and English. Over 500,000 people read our pages every month as they plan their trips to the USA.

We speak directly to this lucrative audience that will spend more than 125 Billion dollars in our country. We can help you to sell your products and services to them! We can make them aware of your brand!

The market:

  • Over 25 million foreign visitors will come to the USA this year. They will spend more than 125 billion dollars on travel related expenses and will purchase billions of dollars of US merchandise.
  • In the United States, international tourists will spend money on:
    • Lodging
    • Shopping
    • Dining in restaurants
    • Sightseeing in Cities
    • Visiting Historical Places
    • Amusement/Theme Parks
    • Visiting small towns/villages
    • Visiting museums and cultural sights
  • Demographics of the international tourist visiting the USA
    • Male 53% - Average Age: 42
    • Female 47% - Average Age: 38
    • Annual Household Income: $93,100
    • 52% travel with spouse/family/relatives
    • 40% travel alone
    • 8% travel with a business associate

The medium:

  • The Internet is the primary source of travel information for tourists and business travelers.

  • Nearly 80% of travelers use the internet to search for travel content, compare prices, and make online travel transactions.
    • 74% will use the internet to purchase airline tickets
    • 72% will use the internet to make hotel reservations
    • 40% will use the internet to book car rentals
    • 60% will use the internet to explore travel destinations
    • 29% will use the internet to research travel agents and tour operators

  • There are over seven billion people in the world with more than 95% living outside of the USA, and foreign Internet usage is growing at a much faster rate than domestic usage.

Our niche:

  • offers over 2,500 pages of quality travel information about the USA in five languages.

  • All the information on is written specifically for foreign visitors with limited knowledge of USA geography and US culture.

Our audience:

  • Nearly 600,000 people read each month. They view nearly 2 million pages, and the site gets more than eighteen million hits per month!

  • Over 75% of our readers live outside of the USA. The ten most popular countries are: Germany, France, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Japan.

  • Every month our readers purchase the following travel services:
    • Hotel reservations
    • Car rentals
    • Motorcycle rentals
    • Helicopter tours
    • Las Vegas and Broadway Show tickets
    • Vacation Home rentals
    • Attraction and theme park tickets
    • Houseboat rentals
    • Dude Ranch vacations
    • Travel Insurance
    • Grand Canyon Tours
    • and much more on our pages. Our readers buy!

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We can help you sell your product or service to this lucrative market!

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Mary Anne Ellifritz
Director of Marketing

Written by: USATourist Staff
Top Photo Credit: © Michael Borjessen
Photo Description: The Grand Canyon