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USA Adventure Travel

The United States of America is a big country that covers a very large area and has an unevenly distributed population, so there are still many wild parts. Even in the northeastern states where the population density is high, you can drive for hours through vast forests and thinly populated farmlands passing only small villages and isolated homes. Some western states like Wyoming cover an area the size of France or Germany and have a population of less than 500,000 people who for the most part live in a few cities and small towns. Only wild animals inhabit most parts of those states.

There are still places in the USA where you can drive for many miles and see no trace of civilization. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, you can rent horses and pack mules and ride for days in unspoiled wilderness without seeing another person. Nearly every state offers a wide choice of hiking trails, backpacking areas and campgrounds. Some states offer unique wilderness experiences.

Grand Canyon Adventure
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Yosemite Adventure ©
Adventure Break in Yosemite National Park
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Yosemite Adventure
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Adventure Dangers
Before you go on that adventure, it's important to know what dangers you may encounter. Visit our Adventure Dangers to learn how to spot and avoid some of the plants and animals that are found in the USA.
Written by: USATourist Staff
Top Photo Credit: © National Park Service
Photo Description: Panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from Pima Point on the West Rim Drive