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Our Team

Administration Team

Mike Leco, President of the Board
Mike has many years of experience in business, management and finance. He is a veteran entrepreneur who founded the very successful business consulting practive of M. Leco & Associates nearly 20 years ago. Mike and his wife have traveled extensively throughout the USA. He writes a lot of our travel content and has created many of the photographs on our web pages.

Michelle Leco, Chief Executive Officer
Michelle has a degree from Penn State University in Theater Arts and Business. She has over ten years experience creating web sites and HTML coding. She manages many of the technical and business aspects of USATourist as well as coordinates the translation and content publishing.

Cathy Leco, Administrative Director
Cathy has many years of experience in business. She handles all of the back office accounting, payroll and billing functions and assists with customer relations.

Technical Team

Gerry Leco, Chief Information Officer
Gerry has a degree in computer science and works in software engineering for a major consulting firm. He works on the database and server management for

Travel Writers

Elizabeth L. Blair
Elizabeth is a freelance travel writer based in Tucson, Arizona. She writes our monthly USATourist News Magazine. Elizabeth has also authored pages on the USATourist site about various destinations including New Mexico, Texas and Colorado.

French Language Content

Carole Cesari-DuChesne, Translator
Carole, a native of the French Riviera, is a certified translator and language teacher residing in Seattle, Washington. She translates our French content and assists with customer service in that language.

Spanish Language Content

Anabel Elliott, Translator
Anabel is a native of Argentina and now lives in Washington State. She is a certified Spanish – English translator and interpreter and has over ten years of experience in this field. Anabel does Spanish translations and assists with customer service in that language.

German Language Content

Irmgard Castleberry, Translator
Irmgard is a native German that currently resides in the United States. She has many years experience in translating. Irmgard translates our German content and assists with customer service in that language.

Japanese Language Content

Yoko Sugiyama, Translator
Yoko was born and raised in Japan and has lived in Australia. She currently resides in the United States. Yoko has had extensive travel experience. She translates our Japanese content and assists with customer service in that language.

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